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Areas of Work.

Our projects which we handle may be broad in scope ranging from planning the designs of both home and commercial properties, through structural modifications to choosing the paint colours or wallpapers and fitting the covings, and then painting and decorating the walls and ceilings. The projects have been ranging from a single room to the whole flat or building. Our company may provide the materials which are essential to complete the work, or they may be supplied to us by the client.

Free Quotations.

We firmly believe that there is never a job too small. We usually provide a free quotation. When it is accepted, we agree on the schedule of work, and then we estimate the duration of the job. If the job is large, we agree on a payment plan whereby the balance is due on completion.

Mutually Agreed Agreements.

All conditions of work, materials to be used and payment schedules are stipulated by a mutually agreed letter of agreement which must be signed by both parties prior the commencement of work. Should additional work be required, an attachment with a job description and additional costs will be added to the original agreement.

Insurance Covers.

We bring to our customers the peace of mind as they know that we are fully insured. We have a comprehensive public and employers’ liability cover as well as an accidental damage insurance policy. Copies of our insurance policies are available upon request.

Years of Experience & Superior Quality.

Many years of experience and well-thought-out work organisation make sure that we are always able to meet the deadlines and pre-agreed prices; the latter is the most important feature for our customers. We are proud of our superior quality of work. Thus, we have many returning customers who are always happy to recommend us.

Contact KWM Decorating on 07877 758335 or send us an email on info@kwm-decorating.co.uk